Multi-Server Interoperabilty

This section describes how Cantus servers may and may not interoperate with other servers.

Because Cantus servers may be required to interoperate with a wide range of other servers, some of which may provide Cantus-like APIs or (especially) results in JSON, use the “X-Cantus-Version” HTTP header to know whether a server will fill a client’s Cantus expectations.

With Cantus Servers

When interoperating with other servers that implement the Cantus API, “id” numbers need not be the same for resources that appear identical to human users. Needless to say, different servers may therefore hold otherwise-identical resources with different “id” values and sources with identical “id” values but otherwise completely different. Moreover, it is not a requirement that every Cantus server give access to the same collection of resources: some servers may choose to cache metadata of the entire Cantus network, while others may not, or may cache a different subset.

A link in the "resources" section of a response body must always point to a server that is compatible with the Cantus API. Other links should be given in other fields.

With Non-Cantus Servers

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